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Register as a Candidate on YourCVVideo to be able to apply for any of the jobs posted on the site.

Complete your Profile in full of as much detail as possible to increase your chances of gaining a new position, this includes attaching a written copy of your CV along with a recording of YourCVVideo.

This increases the chances of you being contacted directly by a Recruitment Consultant or Hiring Manager.

If you have received an email from a Recruiter inviting, you to log on to YourCVVideoto apply for their job via YourCVVideo and answer some additional questions then you will have to Register if you have not done so already.

Job Posting – The Recruiter will have posted a job description along with up to 20 Qualifying Questions for you, which you can review, print, and then answer the questions individually.

Follow the instructions carefully to record application on YourCVVideo and remember:

First Impressions Count – you never get a second chance at a first impression.

Harvard University (Business School)– ‘7 Second Study – First impression’

Treat your application as if you were attending a first interview with the Recruiter. Dress accordingly for the video recording and make sure you prepare your answers to the questions in advance.

You can record your answer to each question as often as you like. Speak clearly and confidently and you will come across much more professional than just a written CV.

When you are totally satisfied with YourCVVideo recording, click submit to send your application to the Recruiter. Don’t worry about attaching a CV because they can view your Candidate Profile and download that in pdf format.

CandidateFeatures &Benefits

• YourCVVideo Job Application will be viewed by the Recruiter, so if you fully utilise the advantages of using this process, it will give you an even better chance of being selected for an interview.

• It will also mean that you do not waste your time and money attending interviews if you are not suitable, because the Recruiter will be more informed after viewing Your application, your CVVideo and your profile.

• Your application may be considered for even more suitable jobs with the Recruiters colleagues for other positions within their organisation.

• First stage interview can be a recorded video interview face-to-face with the Recruiter/Hiring Manager. This can be used to speed up the hiring process for you.

• You will also not waste your time and money attending interviews if you are not suitable for the position, because the Recruiter will be more informed after viewing YourCVVideo.

• Whatever your experience in securing your new career with the Recruiter, you can rate them with a 5 Star Rating System.