This application is currently in an invite-only alpha stage. Please report any bugs or issues to the developers.


As a Recruiter what do you get for your money:

Job Board – Unlimited Job Postings – Post as many jobs as you like – (each job is valid for 30 days)
Applications from Candidates – Receive an Unlimited number of CVVideo Applications from Candidates per month.
Online Diary Management System – YCVV Online Diary for you to manage your interview with your successful Candidates, they can access it to book Video Interviews with you.
Video Recording – Record your video Interviews with Candidates either for your reference or to for you to submit to your Client.
Video Conference Calling – Access to Video Conference Call facility for up to 50 People.
CV Search – Access to Search Candidates Profiles /Download CV’s /Download CVVideos


‘The average human brain processes 500 heard words per minute, whereas the average reading speed is 250 words per minute’. – The result is a more efficient way to recruit!




How to Proceed:

To Register all you need to do is as an Administrator you enter the details of your organisation, along with payment details on YourCVVideo and set up each individual User you wish to have access to the site. Add their Names, Job Titles and Email addresses and then each user will receive an email to activate their account and set a password for their own personal use. (Or you can send us a list of users you require adding to the system and we will do it for you).
The best way to achieve the maximum results from YourCVVideo is that before you review any Applications/CV’s from Candidates from any other Jobboards, personal websites or social media sources, send them a link from your Dashboard to view your Job Vacancy on YourCVVideo and they will record themselves answering your 20 Qualifying Questions. The Recruiter will also be able to view the Candidates Profile and download it in a pdf format and view a CVVideo of the Candidate.
Job postings on YourCVVideo are unlimited. You add a list of up to 20 qualifying questions that is relevant to the job that you are recruiting for and can also record yourself talking about the job you are recruiting for, the benefits, the career path, what training is available. You could also walk around and film the working environment, the people who currently work for you. This cuts down on the number of applications from time wasters because they will not apply if they do not like the look of the job, company or can answer the qualifying questions.



Recruiter Benefits

You can spend more time reviewing CVs in Video format than reading 100s of unsuitable written CVs, or thinking you’ve found a great one after reading their CV and you then you book a telephone interview with them only to find that they are not what you are looking for.

Time that you will never get back…. Time = Money!

Viewing a CVVideo enables you to gain a much better impression of what the Candidates communication, body language and relevant skills for the job are like, and then you can make a more informed decision whether to arrange an interview with the Candidate via the Online Diary Management System and/or to submit their CVVideo and application to your Client if you have utilised the recording facility.
Recorded Video Interviews may also include you gaining verbal exclusivity to represent your Candidate. Thus, providing you with evidence to save should a dispute occur at a later stage over who submitted the Candidate to the Client.
Search for Candidates via the profile search facility and then review their In-depth Profiles, download then in pdf format, and then watch their CVVideo recording.